Lottery winners come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. What kind of lottery winner would you be? Take this quiz to find out.

1. You just got big news! You finally got that promotion at work. Your friends and family have been asking about it for ages and you can’t decide who to tell first. You…

a) Don’t tell anyone until they ask about it. You don’t want to sound like you’re bragging, and it was pretty obvious that you were going to get the promotion eventually.

b) Call your mom. She’s always supported you and deserves to hear first.

c) Post a detailed Facebook status so that everyone important to you learns about it at the same time. That way, everybody’s happy.

d) Forget about telling anyone, first you need some time to celebrate. You take yourself out for a fancy meal or buy a high-ticket item you’ve been eyeing for a while.

2. It’s a Saturday night and you don’t have plans yet. Your first thought is to…

a) Have a low key night at home. Netflix and popcorn are all you need for a good night.

b) Call your best friend to see what they are up to. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing so long as you’re in good company.

c) Volunteer at the local soup kitchen or animal shelter. You usually spend your free weekends giving back to your community.

d) Treat yourself to a night on the town. New outfit, limo ride for you and your closest friends, and popping champagne bottles all night long.

3. Your dream car is…

a) Something practical and cheap. If it gets the job done, it’s good enough.

b) An SUV with plenty of room and safety features. You tend to offer your driving services to friends and family and want to be able to accommodate them.

c) A hybrid. Lessening your carbon footprint is important.

d) A Lamborghini. You deserve the best!

4. It’s time to get in shape! Your ideal workout would include…

a) A workout DVD and a couple free weights at home. You even bookmark your favorite yoga YouTube videos so you can access them easily. There are plenty of ways to stay fit for cheap.

b) Taking a bootcamp class with a friend. It’s easier to stay motivated with someone keeping you accountable.

c) Taking a long run outside or biking to and from work each day.

d) Signing up at a top gym. You like being able to use different machines and relax after in the pool and sauna. You can’t put a price on fitness!

5. At a party, you’re usually…

a) Loading up on snacks and making sure you ration your drinks over the evening. If the host has an extra beer for you, even better!

b) Chatting with the guest who doesn’t know many people at the party—s/he looked so lonely over by the speakers.

c) Helping out the host. When you’re not refilling chip bowls or clearing dishes, you’re probably in the kitchen making sure everything runs smoothly.

d) The life of the party! You’ll be dancing and chatting all night long, all with a top shelf drink in hand.

Now, tally up your results and check your profile below!

Mostly As: The Humble Hoarder

Putting coin in piggy bank

After you win the lottery, you remember to stay humble. You only tell the people closest to you that it even happened and you invest your winnings wisely so that they last a lifetime. You continue working and living modestly—it’s most important to you that the money never changes you.

Mostly Bs: The Friendly Spender

Hands holding paper dolls of family

As soon as you learn that you won the lottery, you make sure to pay back those who have supported you in the past. You are the kind of winner who buys their parents a new car and splurges to take the whole family on a vacation together. And your best friend—the one that’s been there since you were kids—gets their very own shopping spree.

Mostly Cs: The Charitable Charger

Jar of coins labeled

You are always looking to make a difference in the world. If you won the lottery, you would divide most of the money up between your favourite charities. You believe in paying it forward and good karma. You know that your lottery winnings could be best spent helping those in need.

Mostly Ds: High-Rolling Royalty

Couple with shopping bags

You’ve worked hard all your life and now it’s time to enjoy what you’ve earned. If you won the lottery, you would treat yourself to fancy dinners, vacations, new cars, and a bigger house. Anything to make yourself feel like royalty. After all, dreaming big is what playing the lottery is all about.

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