It’s scary to think that a small, fragile piece of paper could be your key to millions in lottery winnings and a better future. When you think about how small slips of paper—receipts, notes, even dollar bills—are treated in your wallet, in your pocket, or amongst the clutter around your house, you can see how it might be better to store important tickets on something better protected, like your smartphone or tablet.

A lottery app might be just what you need to avoid common lottery mistakes that could cheat you out of your retirement plan or dream vacation. Here are some common lottery problems that can be avoided by using an app.

Lost Tickets

Over $2 billion lottery winnings go unclaimed every year. A ticket as high as $10.4 million went unclaimed in Tampa in 2013. It can happen to anyone: you could lose your ticket with your jeans in the washing machine, drop it when looking for change in your wallet, or simply leave it lying around the house.

Thanks to digital tickets and an app that alerts you if you’ve won, AutoLotto can save you from the stress of lost and misplaced lottery tickets. With two taps, you can buy a lottery ticket or claim your winnings and have them deposited right into your bank account. You don’t even have to leave the house!

Ticket Theft

Unfortunately, ticket theft happens. You hear horror stories about winners being cheated out of their millions. In 2010, a family was convicted of stealing a $12.5 million dollar lottery ticket that netted them a luxury home on someone else’s winnings from a 2003 draw. And in 2015, a winner’s ex-wife made off with his winning $50,000 ticket, even though security camera footage showed him buying the ticket.

A lottery app will alert you if your ticket is a winner, allowing you to claim your winnings securely and immediately, all from the safety of your home. By eliminating time spent walking around with a winning ticket in your pocket, lottery apps are making lottery ticket theft a thing of the past.

Missing the Local Draw

It can be hard to carve time out of your busy schedule to sit down and watch local TV. This means that you might miss the lottery draw in your area and be forced to go digging for the winning numbers after the fact—if you remember to.

When you buy your ticket with a lottery app, you can just sit back, relax, and wait to win! No more hunting for the winning numbers and needing friends, family, or the store clerk to verify that you do, indeed, have a winner. The app handles all of this and will immediately let you know if you’ve won, big or small.

Playing the lottery should be fun and easy, and claiming your winnings should be straightforward. Whether you worry about misplacing a ticket, having your winning ticket stolen, or you just want to play from the comfort of your own home, AutoLotto can help.

For more information about how AutoLotto can improve your lottery experience, or to check if it’s available in your state, visit our website or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo: Saulo Mohana

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