What are some of your wildest vacation dreams? If you won the Powerball draw these crazy ideas wouldn’t just be pipe dreams—they could become your reality.

Around the World Cruise

Crystal Cruises Ship in Open Ocean

Why pick just one destination? An around-the-world cruise from Crystal Cruises is the perfect way to see a little bit of everything. Join 655 crew and over 1,000 guests on the Crystal Serenity, which will escort you in luxury to places like Costa Maya, Mexico; Puerto Limón, Costa Rica; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Coquimbo, Chile; Elephant Island, Antarctica; and so much more.

Did we mention the 1,345 square foot Crystal Penthouse includes personal butler service, a walk-in closet, and a master bath with Jacuzzi & ocean view?

Expedition to Mars


Okay, maybe we aren’t ready for this vacation just yet—but with top minds (NASA) and millionaires (Elon Musk) working on Mars travel, this dream may be closer than we realize. Mars One has finalized their first group of astronauts for a one-way trip to the red planet, and they intend to send more groups in the future. Or, you could use your winnings to start funding your own space expedition!

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari

Hot air balloon safari over Africa

Looking for incredible landscapes, adventure, and the best photographs you’ve ever taken? Ride a hot air balloon over the African Serengeti. Spot hippos, elephants, and even hunting lions down below as you coast through blue skies. Many areas in the Serengeti are off-limits to road vehicles, but your balloon is free to explore wherever the wind takes it. After landing, you’ll celebrate with a champagne toast and a gourmet breakfast served on bone china with Sheffield cutlery.

A Submarine Suite (“Lovers Deep”)

Interior of Lovers Deep Submarine

Rent a room aboard a luxurious and romantic…submarine? This is no joke. Oliver’s Travels offers couples a decadent deep-sea suite for $287,000 per night. The package comes with a butler, a personal chef, caviar and oysters, mood music, and optional rose-petal decor. The travel agency markets this submarine stay as a chance for visitors to join “The Mile Low” club.

Virtual Reality Vacation

Woman Wearing Virtual Reality Headwear

Don’t have the desire to put-up with customs officials and airport security? Then maybe a virtual reality “vacation” is for you.

Spend your lottery winnings building a top of the line computer and collect the latest and greatest in virtual reality headwear, like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. There are already apps exploring the idea of virtual reality “tourism” and now you can be on the cutting edge of this technology. Impress your friends, kids, in-laws, and even grandma by letting them tour the world—without leaving your house!

Buy Your Way into Club 33

Bar at Disneyland's Club 33

The members-only Club 33 is Disneyland’s elusive private club in the heart of the New Orleans Square. While general knowledge has increased thanks to the internet and social sharing, it’s still pretty hard to snag a table at this notoriously exclusive club.

With an initiation fee of up to $100,000 and yearly membership costs that can reach $30,000, it’s the only place to get a drink at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

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Photos: Oliver’s Travels, Crystal Cruises, Vadim Sadovsky / Shutterstock.com, Ryan al Bishri, Oliver’s Travels, Aleksandra Suzi / Shutterstock.com, Disneyland33member

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