What are you going to buy if you win big? A popular choice is to spend your winnings on luxury home renovations. Everybody wants to live in the most amazing space possible. You spend so much time in your house, it’s probably pretty easy to think of a few ways that you’d like to update it. Whether you want to be practical or go all-out, these are some renovations a future lottery windfall could get you.

Turn Your Den into a Theatre

Home movie theater

Watch the next big Marvel flick in the comfort of your home once your future lottery winnings buy you an in-home theatre! Your house will be the talk of your friend group and the place everyone wants to hang out. You can host Super Bowl parties like no other.

Install a huge screen and a projector and a few rows of plush theatre seats for the ultimate movie watching experience. You could even buy a commercial popcorn machine and serve your guests bowls of freshly popped and buttered snacks. Or you could make yourself a huge bowl and binge-watch your favorite show.

Design Your Dream Kitchen

White modern kitchen

Open concept and modern? Vintage with a homey feel? Wood or stone? The sky’s the limit when crafting your dream kitchen with your future lottery winnings. Hire a professional home designer or do it yourself. Buy yourself that kitchen island you’ve always wanted, or an all new set of stainless steel appliances. With a big lottery check behind you, anything is possible.

Build a Swimming Pool

Backyard swimming pool

Who doesn’t want their own personal swimming pool? It’s the perfect spot for a romantic soak on date night or an exciting game of water polo with friends. If you live somewhere hot, using your future lottery winnings on a huge backyard pool has probably already occurred to you. If you already have a pool, renovate it for maximum luxury—think new poolside loungers, top-of-the-line tiling, and a landscaped garden to surround it. Nothing beats the heat like a quiet, cool swim right in your own backyard.

Craft a Luxury Garage

Vintage car in a garage

You can build yourself a luxury garage with your future lottery winnings—and then fill it with your dream car(s). Do you want heated floors, your own car lift, or a top of the line security system? Or do you want room to tinker on old, classic cars and all of the tools to do so? You could even install a spacious workbench where you can dive into old hobbies, like woodworking or building model planes. Use your new riches to rebuild this space as your ultimate workshop.

When you hit the jackpot, you can treat yourself to the home renovations you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. Your home is your castle—so make it look like one.

What home renos would you do with your winnings? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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