Whether or not you play them, lotteries are fascinating. We love hearing about lottery winners in the news, and often end up wondering what comes next for those fortunate few, or how many tries it took them to land a winning ticket.

Next time you find yourself chatting with your friends about the state lottery, whip out these factual tidbits that are sure to impress.

1. On average, lottery winners buy 4.5 cars

luxury car parked outside

Not always for themselves, of course—many lottery winners will buy vehicles for close family and friends as well. What a great way to thank the people that matter to you most. 10% of lottery winners will actually buy 10 or more new cars! Hopefully they buy a bigger garage, too.

2. Lottery winners in China wear masks or costumes to claim their prize

different costume masks at a Chinese shopping center

Many lottery winners like to stay anonymous but lottery winners in China are taking this to a whole other level. In order to claim their multi-million dollar prizes anonymously, Chinese lottery winners often show up to the lottery office in full costume.

The results are some fantastic snapshots of Baymax and Mickey Mouse holding up their novelty lottery cheque for a crowd of onlookers. If only they had a lottery app that deposited their winnings directly into their bank accounts.

3. Only 48% of lottery winners keep their day job

office desk with supplies

A dream of many lottery players is to retire early to embark on adventures around the world, and according to a recent survey, many of them do! After all, who would want to keep clacking away at a corporate keyboard when you could be taking exotic vacations with your loved ones?

4. A man cracked the code for finding winning scratch tickets—and reported the problem

scratching a lottery ticket with a coin

MIT alum Mohan Srivastava noticed that winning scratch tickets could be determined by looking at the numbers printed on the card without scratching a single square. After figuring out the algorithm, he did the math and determined that he could make about $600/day by taking advantage of the system.

“To be honest,” Srivastava said, “I make more as a consultant, and I find consulting to be a lot more interesting.” So he reported the issue to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and gave them a chance to fix the issue.

5. A police officer gave his waitress a $3 million tip

generous restaurant tip on plate

Instead of leaving a standard tip at his favorite pizza place, police detective Robert Cunningham offered to share half of his lottery ticket with Phyllis Penzo, a waitress who had been serving at that location for 24 years. The lottery ticket ended up winning him $6 million. He kept his word and split the winnings right down the middle.

“If I say I’ll do something, I do it. I hope money never changes me,” officer Cunningham said.

These incredible facts are just a few of many that have surfaced since the lottery was established. Big dreams and a little bit of luck make for great stories that continue to enthral players and observers alike.

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