Is there anything more exhilarating than entering the lottery and hoping for a big win? This is a thrill that millions of people in America share every week. As the Powerball jackpot grows, the excitement grows, too.

It’s like a carnival ride: the building tension, the flips and falls, the shouts and cheers. What does it look like to hop on that ride, when millions in winnings are at stake?

Getting Strapped In

You’re lounging at home on the weekend, thinking about running some errands, maybe grabbing a coffee, and buying a lottery ticket while you do all that. But that means—ugh—putting on pants.

Making yourself presentable to the outside world is about as fun as listening to the safety instructions for a roller coaster and having a teen check your harness, as if you, an adult, can’t figure out a basic buckle.

Lucky for you, AutoLotto gives you the option to play Powerball on your smartphone or tablet. This means you can “skip the line” right to the front. Now that’s a ride we can get behind.

Next, the Waiting Game

Before you really feel like you’re “on the ride” or “in the game”, you have to pick your numbers. You can feel the pressure building as you climb the proverbial hill of metal tracks—you know the fun part is coming soon, anytime now …

Your mind is racing. Do you use a loved one’s birthday in your lucky pick? Or your dog’s birthday? (We’ve got your back, fur-baby parents.)

Needless to say, you’re a little stressed, but you take the chance and go!


You’ve waited for what seems like forever, but finally it happens—the draw! The preamble begins and the balls are spinning. Your heart is in your throat in anticipation. Never have plastic numbers meant so much to you.

You have your ticket or phone in hand, holding tight to the safety rails and wondering why you put yourself through this. The first white ball falls into the chamber and BAM! It’s a match to the one on your ticket!

You’re feeling good but you know this can’t last—or can it?

The Loop-de-Loop

Zoom, zoom, zoom! Every twist and turn has your stomach in a knot. Each Powerball number matches the one on your ticket so far. Watching the numbered balls spin and fall has you shaking in your seat. You’re oblivious to the world around you, fixated on surviving this wild ride with your heart intact.

Your dog gives you a funny look as you shout in excitement.

The fifth one falls—it’s a match! You’re a winner!

Bring it Home

But what about the red Powerball? You still have a chance to add to your big jackpot. This is the last swoop before the coaster putters back into the docking station. You can hardly wait.

Residual screams of elation and disbelief ring in your ear. Family and friends are around you, sharing in the stress and thrill of the ride so far. When the red Powerball is finally selected, you see that you have yet another match!

You disembark, disoriented and grinning wildly. You’ve won the Powerball jackpot!

Congrats on winning the lottery! Now it’s time to find out what fun purchases you can make with your millions.

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