Technology is a huge part of our lives. It’s been integrated into nearly every industry—but for some reason, the lottery has fallen behind. Industries that are slow to tackle technological advancement run the risk of becoming obsolete—think of Blockbuster after services like YouTube and Netflix started to take over.

It’s imperative to adapt to technology as it changes, and even to prepare for future advancements through experimentation, awareness, and creative thinking. What are the benefits of staying technologically relevant, and what are the risks of falling behind?

Technology Aids Accessibility and Convenience

Who doesn’t love shopping or banking at the tap of a button? Apps have taken over the realms of social interactions, gaming, shopping, finance and investment tools, reading, music, news, and more. Many people always have their smartphone at hand, ready to assist with all of these tasks.

People love convenience. A lottery app on your phone, like AutoLotto, makes it easier to buy tickets, check your numbers and claim your winnings. No longer do you have to set aside time in your day to drive or walk to the store, check your ticket manually and claim your money in person.

The accessibility and convenience of a lottery app will save you time and money (in the form of gas or transportation, for example). But technological advancements like this go even further to assure that people with mobility issues have easy, reliable access to these services as well.

Technology continues to make services available to customers who would otherwise be limited by their mobility. This includes people suffering from an illness or physical disability and elderly members of the community.

Stay Relevant and Attract New Audiences

A solid website, app and a social media presence are vital for companies and organizations to reach out to customers new and old. If people can’t find your product on their phone, it severely impacts recognizability and communication efforts.

Not only do you want to be able to reach out to customers with important news—winning lottery numbers, for example—but you want them to feel as though you are accessible to answer their questions and concerns.

Because lottery funding is often injected back into the community, attracting new players can result in better education, environmental, and health programs for the state.

Technology Protects People

Industries like the lottery can help protect people by embracing technological advancements. Using the AutoLotto app to buy tickets and securely claim your prizes can protect you against ticket theft or loss, winnings theft or loss, and fraud.

The right technology puts the power into the hands of the consumer, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly from start to finish. It provides people with the independence to interact with products and services on their own terms.

Ignoring Technology Kills Industries

Antiquated technologies and services can ruin businesses. We currently live in a world of incredible technological advancements, which constantly change and shape the way we interact with our world. Ignoring this reality can be devastating to business and services.

AutoLotto is one great way that the American Lottery can leap into the future. People can access the app from their smartphone and easily and securely buy tickets and claim winnings from the comfort of their home. A lottery app is a basic first step for the industry to maintain its relevance and efficiency for the customers that enjoy it.

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