Fancy cars, nice meals, luxurious vacations… Everyone wants to feel like a lottery winner! Even if you haven’t won the jackpot yet, you can still enjoy treating yourself now and then.

Use and Enjoy Your Nicest Possessions

Fancy China with Pink Flower

Don’t save the fancy things for later—use your fancy soap, the good silver and china, the nice embroidered towels. Everyone has something in their home that they are saving for a “special occasion.” Why not make that special occasion today?

Buy One Luxury Clothing Item

Couple in Formal Clothes

Splurge on one really nice item of clothing or a stunning, all-purpose accessory. Think classic black shoes, an eye-catching watch, or a dress coat. By spending a bit more, you’ll have a good quality item that will last you years and years. And whenever you put it on, you’ll feel like royalty!

Splurge on a Fancy Hotel

Housekeeper Laying Flowers on Folden Sheets

Spend a night at a fancy hotel in your home town as a treat, or book the last night of a vacation somewhere special and somewhat higher priced. Look for a hotel that offers extras, like room service or a spa day, to really make yourself feel like you just hit the lotto jackpot.

Rent a Fancy Car

Man Driving Fancy Car

Take yourself out on the town in a fancy rental that you might not be able to afford otherwise. Pick out some spots in the city you want to see and cruise between appointments with class. Or, take the long way home and enjoy the view—both inside the car and out.

Book a Long Massage

Woman Having Massage

Nothing makes you feel like you’ve won it all quite like 90 solid minutes of being pampered. With a bit of planning ahead, massages are actually quite an affordable way to treat yourself once and a while. Be sure to save up a bit extra for a generous tip! It’ll make you feel like a high roller with an added boost for doing something nice.

Take a Personal Day

Woman in Hat Reading on Beach

Book a day off work with no other purpose except to relax, enjoy the sun or a warm evening at home, and read a book. Many lottery players dream of winning big and being able to take it easy—but why not make some time for yourself, starting today?

Go All-Out on a Fancy Dessert

Few things can make you as feel as spoiled as a nice helping of your favorite sweet treat or dessert item. Every so often, take yourself out for a decadent chocolate cheesecake or tiramisu. Spend your time savoring each and every bite.

Take Home Some Art

Painting on Easel

A painting or wall hanging, a sculpture or a fancy mirror can brighten up your room—and your day. Pick something that speaks to you, maybe an image of your favorite dream vacation destination? A nice piece of art will emanate a sense of luxury every time you look at it.

What do you do to treat yourself every now and then? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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