What would you do with your lottery winnings if you snagged the jackpot? Does it have four wheels and go from 0–60 in under 5 seconds? Everyone wants the kind of luxury car that makes people stop and stare. Something that rumbles and purrs just so.

What car would you love to own? Well, here are our top picks, from high-end SUVs to supercars.

Lamborghini Veneno


The Lamborghini Veneno boasts superior aerodynamics and high-functioning cornering for a smooth, steady ride that will make you feel like a NASCAR racer. This luxury model is for drivers that want to go fast—whether that means professional racing or checking the best American road trips, like the Skyline Drive, off your bucket list.

Range Rover Sport


Laboriously tested against inhospitable terrains and temperatures, the Range Rover Sport delivers a top of the line performance both on- and off-road. The Range Rover is a luxury car that means business with an intelligent 4 Wheel Drive system that can handle any highway or backroad. So, if your version of paradise includes off-roading in luxury, the Range Rover Sport is for you.

BMW M6 Coupé


The BMW M6 Coupé is a luxury sports vehicle for people who want to take the world by storm. The BMW M6 Coupé uses carbon materials in the roof design, making it lightweight and lowering the center of gravity for improved performance and handling. So, whether you plan on speeding along the Big Sur coast or down to the Florida Keys. So, it goes without saying – the M6 Coupé is for people who want to travel far, fast.

Mercedes GLC SUV


The Mercedes GLC SUV offers 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive for superior handling no matter the road conditions. This luxury SUV proudly sports high levels of safety testing, and unbeatable power and control, all wrapped up within a hand-crafted exterior, that includes nappa leather or open-pore wood trim. Also, the 9-speed automatic transmission will have you feeling good as you drive across town or take on a daring backcountry adventure.

Lexus RX F Sport


Described as “aggressive luxury” with “provocative styling,” the Lexus RX F Sport is the perfect blend of comfort and daring. Also, for those who want to travel in style, it offers an exclusively available Mark Levinson audio system alongside dual, backseat monitors for high def visual entertainment. Now, this is how you take family vacations across the country in comfort.

Audi R8 Spyder


The Audi R8 Spyder is not for the timid car owner. This luxury car is all about elegance and high performance, with an engine that lets you shoot from 0 to 60 mph in about 2.6 seconds. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect car for when you quit your job, roll down the roof and speed out of the city for an extended getaway.

Cadillac SRX


Not only is the Cadillac SRX a beauty, with details like hand-stitched leather trim, it’s all about functionality. This sound-resistant luxury car offers tons of space for up to five people plus added room for belongings, in case a family trip to Disney World is on your to-do list. It even has a chilled glove box to keep snacks and drinks cool and fresh.

Bugatti Veyron


Its elegant two-tone design and sleek form set the Bugatti Veyron apart. But it isn’t just about looks—this luxury car packs a punch, too. With each component carefully crafted from scratch, the Bugatti Veyron has a top speed of 255 mph. As a result, this luxury supercar is suited for everyday use—especially if your everyday includes an opulent escape to Vegas.

So, that leaves just one question: Which car would you buy if you won big? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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