When you win the lottery, you’ll be living a life of luxury—and you’ll want your home to keep up. Maybe you’ll search for a new house that’s filled with luxurious features, or maybe you’ll want to add them to your existing place.

Regardless, here are ten ideas worth considering when you’re decking out your home:

Install a Backyard Water Feature

Backyard Rock Fountain

Craft your backyard into a space of luxury with the gentle trickle of water over zen-like stone arrangements. Set up some outdoor seating nearby to create the perfect ambiance for hosting guests.

Build a Home Library

Library and Reading Nook

Go all out with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or craft an intimate, cozy reading nook. Having a library adds character to any home, and provides a great space to relax with a cup of tea and your favorite book.

Automate Everything

Luxury Appliances

There are systems that allow you to control lights, alarm systems, heating, your television, and other appliances—all from your smartphone. Build your home into an automated palace that you can control from the tap of a screen.

Install Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Use your lottery win to give back to the planet and have solar panels installed on your roof. Become a leader in your community for cleaner, greener living—just like the Minnesota lottery!

Install a Fireplace

Couple by Fireplace

Nothing says “home” quite like curling up by the fire. A fireplace is a great centerpiece to any sitting room and will give your home a welcoming, luxurious feel.

Fashion a Kitchen Island

Kitchen with Island

Don’t have a kitchen island? You’re missing out on a ton of extra space to cook or serve guests. Make it extra functional by installing a second sink.

Build a Walk-In Closet

Convert a spare bedroom into your dream walk-in closet, or build one right into your master suite. Everyone dreams of the perfect closet, and building one from scratch means you can customize the storage systems and shelving. You’ll appreciate the extra storage when you take yourself on a post-lottery shopping spree, too.

Upgrade Your Bed

Fancy bed

Simple, but so important. Make sure your quality of sleep is fit for royalty by upgrading your bedframe and mattress. Feel fresh and clean in new high-thread-count sheets with matching throw pillows. To complete the look, add an ornate headboard or bed posts with a silk canopy.

Add a Home Entertainment System

Whether you want a big-screen Netflix experience or want to house the latest in gaming technology, a personalized home entertainment system is just what you need. Buy a new, 4K smart television, surround sound speakers, and the perfect shelving compartments for all your gadgets, consoles, and movie collections.

Design Your Ideal Home Office

Whether it’s to work from home or just having somewhere to read the newspaper and drink your morning coffee, a home office is always a great addition.

When you’re looking to upgrade your current home or start from scratch, we hope these luxurious home features can help get you inspired.

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